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WIXOSS (ウィクロス Uikurosu) (pronounced phoenetically "We Cross", Short for "Wish Across") is a trading card game published by Takara Tomy. In 2021 the English Cards were released reflecting the Diva A Live WIXOSS anime series.

A trading card game called WIXOSS has been available in Japan since 2014, when it was first introduced. 


Highly strategic gameplay is accompanied by stunning graphics and a high level of deck building strategy. 


A new English edition has finally been released after seven years. 

How to Play



You take on the role of "Selector" and team up with three girls dubbed "LRIG" in order to help them reach the position of Top DIVA. 


Strategically, the two "Assist LRIG" are there to assist the "Center LRIG." 


You can't go wrong with WIXOSS' DIVA DEBUT DECK


A 51-card deck, a rulebook, and a playmat are all included to get you up and running right away! 

WIXOSS pits two players against each other in a card fight featuring only female characters. Two decks are used: the 40-card Main Deck and the 10-card LRIG deck. Each deck contains seven different sorts of cards. Among the seven types of cards: 

As the player's "avatar," LRIG is their primary card. Cardfight!Vanguard !'s shares some parallels with this character's function and mechanics. Players begin the game with a level 0 LRIG and can increase their LRIG once every round by placing an LRIG from the LRIG deck that is of the same LRIG type but one level higher on top of their existing LRIG (after paying the Grow Cost). 

Support cards for the LRIG are called SIGNI. The LRIG are joined by the SIGNI in their battle. The player's SIGNI level and limit metrics dictate which SIGNI and how many SIGNI can be placed on the field: There must be SIGNI on the field with levels lower or equal to the LRIG's current level, and the sum of all SIGNI levels on the player's field cannot exceed the LRIG's limit stat for that player. 

In the LRIG deck, Resona is a sort of SIGNI that can only be used if certain criteria are met. 

Spells, ARTS, Keys, and Pieces: Cards with immediate effects. There are spells that can be activated from the hand, while ARTS, Key, and Piece are in the LRIG deck and activated from there. Unlike the others, keys remain in play and continue to exert their effects throughout time. 

All of the cards in the main deck are SIGNI and spells. Resona, Key, and Piece cards are all saved in the LRIG deck, but no LRIG deck cards can be re-used. It is possible to examine and use the cards in the LRIG deck at any moment, as long as their criteria and costs are met. 

The top seven cards of each player's deck are placed face down into the life cloth at the beginning of each game. SIGNI and LRIGs deal one life damage to the player for each direct attack (the life cloth is "crushed"). If the player loses all seven and is attacked, the game is a loss for both the player and the attacker. To determine whether a card's Life Burst ability is activated when it is crushed, the player must lose a life cloth. 

In WIXOSS, cards have two types of charges. To remove cards from the Ener Zone, the first "cost" is a generic "cost." The Ener Zone is filled once every turn by the turn player, who can either put one of their cards in their hand or a SIGNI on the field into the Ener Zone. There is also a "Coin" fee that accrues when the LRIG increases. 

Like in Magic: The Gathering or Duel Masters, cards in WIXOSS are separated into five primary colors: white, red, blue, green, and black (or a combination of the five). When a player pays a fee, these colors appear. 

Only cards marked with a key or Diva sign can be used in All-Star, whereas in Key Selection (published in 2018) all cards are acceptable. In the future, Diva Selection will only allow cards marked with a Diva symbol to be used in the next Diva Selection (issued in 2020). 

In this game, you'll see: 

Damage to the player triggers the Life Burst abilities, which are comparable to the Shield Triggers in Duel Masters. 

Nijisanji Vtuber characters appear on a set of crossover cards in the game, notably the female characters. 

There are no male characters in WIXOSS. 


To defeat the avatar known as LRIG, two players each employ a randomly generated Main deck (with black card backs) and a permanently available LRIG deck (with white card backs). After dealing the final strike, destroy (or "Crash") all seven cards in their Life Cloth.


Players can use their LRIG or summoned SIGNI from the Main deck to fight each other. 

Players can "grow" their LRIG during the course of the game by using cards from the LRIG deck to gain access to more powerful SIGNI and various LRIG abilities. Arts (in LRIG) and Spells (in the other deck) are two examples of one-shot effects found in both decks (in the Main deck). Cards in your Ener Zone represent the amount of Ener required to play these cards, as well as Growing an LRIG.


Once per turn, you can place cards from your hand and the field on your Ener Zone. Defeated SIGNI and shattered Life Cloth cards also end up in here. After being snatched from the Life Cloth, some cards can produce additional effects known as Life Bursts.

What is Wixoss Trading Card Game?


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