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How to Play Wixoss Trading Card Game

Rules and Gameplay

Wixoss is not a difficult card game to play, but can look pretty complicated or confusing to new players. Those who have played popular Trading Card Games like Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, or Pokemon Trading Card Game will definitely enjoy this game a lot!

The Wixoss Card Game is finally released in English and is garnering a huge response within the North American TCG community. Check back for news on local and national event play as we progress.

Our Store Wixoss USA is focused on supplying high quality Wixoss cards printed in the English format. We buy and sell Single Wixoss cards as well.

To get started playing Wixoss, first take a look at a few simple rules.

wixoss logo.png
wixoss logo.png

Wixoss Trading Card Game Players Guide

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How to Play

First, you'll have 3 LRIG Character Cards. Choose the ones you'll use and build your LRIG deck. This deck is different from your main deck.

wixoss english beginner cards

The backs of the cards are different for LRIGS, Main Deck Cards, and Piece Cards.

wixoss english Trading card game backs

How to Win

Attack your opponent using either LRIG or SIGNI cards to reduce their 7 Card "Life Cloth". After the opponent's 7 Card Life Cloth is wiped out, the final attack to the opponent wins the match.

Card Types

wixoss english card game lrig cards

These are center LRIG Cards

LRIG cards are your main battle cards and have the ability to GROW or level up each turn. The Center LRIG is the middle of the 3 LRIG cards, and typically has abilities and designations for how many cards you can play.

wixoss english trading cards assist lrig

These are assist LRIG Cards

 The assist LRIG is on the sides of the 3 LRIG card spots, and typically has abilities and designations for how many cards you can play. These cards can also GROW by paying costs.

english wixoss trading card game piece

These are Piece Cards

If you fill the condition of having the 3 LRIG needed (varies by card), you can unleash an ultimate attack with a piece card during your main phase! 

wixoss card english signi

These are Signi Cards

Signi Cards are played as support in the Signi Zone. They can attack your opponent and many come with unique abilities to enhance your game strategy. LRIG cards have a number indicating how many signi can be played, it typically increases with their level.

Signi also have an Ener sign in the upper right corner.

wixoss card english spell

These are Spell Cards

Spell Cards are One Time use cards to be played during your Main Phase. You must pay the Ener Costs located in the upper left corner by using cards you've amassed in your Ener Zone. 

Spell cards often have abilities for draw support or to weaken opponent defenses. Sometimes they even help you search for a card you need from your deck.


Main deck
  • Build your Main Deck with Exactly 40 cards using black card backings.

  • Each deck can contain up to 4 of the same card.

  • There is a limit of 20 cards with the Life Burst Effect.

LRIG deck
  • You may choose up to 10 LRIG cards (non piece) and 2 Piece cards, these have the white card backings.

  • You may only use one of each specific card in this deck.

Deck color limitations
  • The Main deck & LRIG deck may only contain cards of the same colors of the 3 LRIGs you place down at the start of the game. You may include colorless cards as well.

  • For cards with multiple colors, any included colors must match those of your LRIG.

For example:


If your LRIGs are Umr (blue), At (green), and Tawil (red), 
Only cards that are Blue, Green, Red  or colorless may be used. You would not be able to include a white or black card.

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