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Winning Wixoss Decklist: Interlude Diva / Glowing Diva

In Japan, there were some tournaments for Wixoss Trading Card Game conducted and we've built the winning decklists in English to help you with local, regional or national play level competitions.

This Winning Wixoss Deck list utilizes Umr, At, and Tawil from team Ancient Surprise.

Wixoss Diva Decklist


Umr 0

Umr Draw

Umr 2 down Assist

At 0

At 1

At 2

At 3 Center

Tawil 0

Tawil 1 assist screech

Tawil 2 Assist Bubble

Piece Card Ancient Echo

Piece Card Chime of the blessed key

Assylen x4

Tobiel x2

Amino Acid x 2

Creation Tone x4

Polygenesis x 4

Servant # x 4

Azathoth x 3

Atalanta x 1

Sloth x 4

Tree Froggy x 3

Pandada x 1

Water Buffalo x 4

Njord x 4

Deck Cost total: Estimated $85

This deck is a quick build that focuses on building ener and then stalling your opponent while building quick and strong attacks with the synergy of amino acid and azathoth.

It uses 8 spells which seems like a lot but is possible due to energy cards like Sloth.

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