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Wixoss p00 deck building idea Toko Deck

I'm coming at you today with a Wixoss English Trading Card Game Toko deck list, I did receive some requests from both facebook and others to know what the deck list was basically what i've been playing for well I guess before with the p00 format.

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I mean I think you can also take this into p01 I think it's actually still viable we'll talk about that later on but yeah very much presenting the list now uh if you don't want to see the in-depth discussion.

In other words, it's pretty much ensuring that you have certain cards at certain points in the game, and we'll talk about those specific cards later on.

The second ability, of course, is that you can put a virtual Signi on the field um into the trash right and then inflict three game um yeah do not underestimate the skill this is actually really good and like I mentioned before, this in combination with other effects that will minus Signi's power um yeah.

Checking top seven Wixoss English Trading Card Game Decks it's a real really good reach right uh pretty pretty good pool of cards and then lease a level two um this is the one that returns a signal to the opponent's hand and also gets you a signi with guard back to your hand right so I would say probably the best defensive option for the assist leasing considering that detect outside of this uh lacks defensive option so with that in mind le Super helista saber allows you to go into your trash as a toolbox and grab the white and black Signi of your choice right something that you need and during that turn as well as a card that's actually pretty good.

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Main Deck: Toko

All right and with that let's go into the main deck so first we're playing four copies of broad number two okay.

Probably one of the most important cards in this Wixoss English Trading Card Game deck again just like Toko basically, I'd say the main effect that we're using here is the one that boosts a target signal in your field right or re-stands it I guess.

So this is good because you can combine it with retina petite to allow yourself to reuse retina's effect multiple times so you can pick one right and then you can possibly play LRIG sister claire as the third virtual Signi restand the retina and then use it again to inflict another 2k and so you know.

Next, we play for Melissa, and this is the beater um and this contributes to a really strong opener being able to go up to 7k especially on the first turn is really good and not a lot of signee can overcome any 7k meter right away on the first turn.

The good thing here is that when she's put into play you can mill the top three cards and because you're only playing virtual Signi the odds of her getting to three virtual singing in there.

Pretty much a 5k meter right it's similar to LRIG melissa in the sense that if you if you open this it's a pretty strong opener because um 5k you know is higher than normal and you also could potentially lock in a lane if you know the opponent goes first and puts an a low-powered Signi so you can basically just like park this in front of it and then force them to to put it into the ender zone on their turn.

Also, it's dual colored so it helps with uh certain color scenarios yes this test does require uh white as a source during uh certain times so you want to make sure that you have enough to to cover yourself okay so that's that for the level ones um I will cover the guards later just because those are guards not necessarily a signi that you will play on your field all right for level two uh pretty much short and sweet we're only playing four of them.

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First we'll cover um yeah there we go so very LRIG good card in the sense that it adds to the whole toolbox strategy by paying one block you can mill your deck by three and then take a level one virtual signi from your trash and put it onto the field so this is good because you can get retina again to keep using your effect uh you can get LRIG melissa if you need a beater uh you can also get sister claritins right if you already have like a rating on field and you want to uh use her effect again right so the possibilities are endless here and an is just a way to get access to them constantly all right and then the other two pretty straightforward I would say these are actually the filler cards um first it's mao matsukai and tamaki fumino so these uh I would say like I said pillar cards right mao is the dual colored 10k eater um it's actually in here because of the life burst limit believe it or not.

I just I couldn't put another tamaki in because I would get 21 uh life bursts and you know tamaki life burst here is you ping something for ak right so pretty decent um it's uh I would say anything level two or less at this point so that's a pretty all right effect.

All right and then with that let's get into our level threes uh there's an oh there's a lot here so first we'll talk about himawari uh this is a fantastic card especially this deck the reason why is because this deck is mid-range by its nature and it's it basically focuses on clearing lanes through a combination of minusing power in your opponent's field uh that means that you need to have the cards at the right times otherwise then you won't really have an impactful term.

Himawari allows us to dig for those combo pieces I guess we can call it right checking top three and adding something to hand stacking one on top for her shadow ability next turn pretty good effect.

I can also get guard hearts believe it or not which I have used before and it has saved me uh quite a number of times so yes you can definitely get guards to your hand um I would say this is my like one of my go-to level threes that I hope to see early enough so that way I can start digging for combo pieces and I would say the other star player in this deck probably I would say the most important part of the deck is Lulu.

Oh boy Lulu is oh what where do I begin with this.

Um she's definitely worth the price if anyone knows you know the the secret version of lulu you know what i'm talking about um but yes her effect is that you can mill uh let's see.

I believe the top ten yup toxin and inflict 10k to something and that is that's a fantastic effect um reason being because that clears I think anything you know level two or less and then if it's a level three then in combination with toco you can actually one shot at level three.

The reason why is because you can essentially just play lulu use her effect minus 10k on something right let's just say we have this over here and then we can use toko's ability to sacrifice the lulu to inflict 3k which is which basically gets you over uh the amount needed to take something out so then that goes away so through one card you could potentially inflict 13k on something which is I think very good right especially since it's not normal for a level 3 to go over 13k unless you're playing green.

Maybe I think green focuses on that a lot but yes lulu is a very strong card probably the best part of the deck and something that you want to see early as possible all right and then let's talk about nui i think that's what it is and then uh these I think are the well I would say more so geared towards the whole toolbox aspect of this deck.

Nui is definitely a late game card uh and i'll be honest I actually don't see this coming up a lot i actually am considering i'm taking it out but nonetheless right the effect is really good If you have 20 virtual Sydney in your track, you can pay black and colorless to vanish any targets you need on your opponent's fuel with no questions asked. So the fact that it has no limitations is great, but the opportunity to use it is even better.

Acquiring 20 virtual signi You know, that's a tall order, and I'd say knowing when to use lulu effects and when to refresh in the deck is a necessary skill to play this because if you lulu and refresh, then nui uh is basically turned off right?

You can't really use your effect, but if you're on the verge of ducking out and have a large graveyard,

you can use a recursion ability like helesta saber to get this back and then use her event um etta is simply there to open up a lane with her ability. I wasn't running this card at first, but I wish I had because yeah this uh this effect is pretty much really good right you just open up a lane by a 300 so guarantees a damage there and then lastly we are playing dola uh three copies uh pretty much I would say that the filler card although I think this is necessary because it's a black source and in this deck you need as many of them as possible also the life burst ability is pretty good I kind of have to know where cards are at all times in order to really maximize the benefits of everything but let's start small let's start with uh what you want a sort of mullet into what you want to take you know put back in your deck and what you want to see in your opening hand um first let's talk about some of the cards you don't want to see in your opening hand um so first off fear and slash.

Next up is newbie sorcery, which is a late game card, so the effect won't be active right away, but otherwise you'll have a dead cardigan, which you definitely don't want to see, and then I'd say in a broader sense, right cards with burst ability.

This is just for any deck really uh cards like such as dola um and I guess other similar effects uh maybe this in some situations you want to take it away right you just don't want to have as many of them in your opening hand so that your life cloth is filled with like versatility so that you can use them now as with any game we cross right you want to have as many level ones as in hand so that you can fill up your board um and not take it away.

You can actually pay a black source and then use that as your target for mirroring, which is what I mentioned in the earlier assignment where stacking your enter zone or modeling your enter zone in a way that you can use effects and then recur them is very important, which is why you might want to put something in the energy zone so that later on you can use mirai or other recurring effects to bring them out right away pretty much jutsutsutsutsutsuts If you need to start taking clearing lanes right retina, Melissa.

Clare's sister If you already have other combo pieces the works so I also dug for murray because I needed a certain low one so this is where belize comes in because checking top seven and getting this is really good really good so definitely want to you know if you need to use lisa for something me ray is a good target and then for level threes uh level threes I would say in two forms uh Lulu and emory uh you want to have e.

You don't want to use Lulu recklessly because she does mill 10 parts and if you do this enough times you'll eventually get to a point where you have a small deck so you don't want to use Lulu when you know for sure that you can hit a refresh off of her so, for example if I had three cards left in the deck you can definitely use Lulu safely because you can mill the last remaining cards in your deck and then hit a refresh and not pay.

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